Best Places to Snorkel on Oahu’s North Shore


Best Places to Snorkel on Oahu’s North Shore

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It’s not aaaallll about surfing out here.  Oahu is world famous for its waves, but its also famous for its diving.  If you come to The North Shore during the summer months (May-Aug) you most likely wont see giant waves, but rather calm, clear, tropical water.  It’s the perfect place for diving and snorkeling.

Luckily for us the best places to dive and snorkel on Oahu are right at our doorstep, literally.

Sharks Cove:

Don’t worry there aren’t any sharks, or at least that’s not what gives it its name.  If your looking at it from a birds eye view it looks like a big shark took a bite out of the rock, giving the cove its shape and its name.  Sharks cove is home to a whole bunch of marine life and is a protected as a marine sanctuary.  Think of it as a fish sanctuary where they never have to worry about being caught.  If you go snorkeling here there’s about a 90% chance that you will see a turtle hanging out.

Sharks cove also has a network of underwater caves that if you are daring enough you can swim through.  Carved by ancient lava tunnels it has left dozens of caves beneath the surface.  Some you can do in a few seconds, others you wouldn’t dare doing without a scuba tank.

During the weekends Sharks Cove can get a bit crowded so its best to come during the week.

Three Tables Beach

Located right down the road from Sharks Cove and a bit less busy, Three Tables Beach is a local favorite when it comes to diving and snorkeling.  Protected under the same sanctuary as Sharks Cove, Three Tables is teeming with life.  Best thing about Three Tables is it is literally our front yard.  Come and grab some a mask and some fins from us and get out there!

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