Mark Foo Memorial

Mark Foo – 1958-1994

In memory of our brother Mark… The man who had the vision of our North Shore Paradise.

Mark Foo was an inspiration to us all, and each of us feels his loss in a different way. Many of you had something special to say about Mark, or had a story or tale that you shared about him and we thank you for your memories. Some of your memories are listed on the page below.


Memories Shared by just some of Mark’s friends…

Thanks to all those that have shared your Memories.

“To get the ultimate thrill you have to be willing to pay the ultimate price.”

Mark Foo: Salute from a Windsurfer

so you went primal on us…

but before this one claimed your heat
you left a breath

i’m going to feel it some day
on the back of my neck

i’ll sheet in my sail
point the nose downwind
and fly off the ramp

then for a moment
i will feel no wave
feel no wind
no up
no down

Ed the Shred

- Ed Cornell

I will make u proud)

I have none I only learned about him staying at backpackers now I want to paint him in a mural for’s a nice project but I need help to get paints and the moment to come to get it done…any suggestions greatly appreciated Big up respect to Marks crew woohoo send me the courage) x Dee

- Deirdre Harman

Waimea North Shore House

It was 1985 and I was working at mark foos hostel right at rubber duckys , the spot where they filmed the pick up truck scene for the movie north shore. Mark was really cool guy gave me free rent for some chores in the morning for the downstairs part of his house where the the hostel was. Would also do maintenance on his other properties for extra money. I was only 5 at the time and he was 26 but he already had a bunch of houses on the north shore. I was just glad to be able to surf the north shore every day and mark made that possible for me.

- Donald Hollingworth

Thanks Mark, I Remember.

I will always remember the first time I stayed at Backpackers and feeling a little nervous about the “communal arrangement,” asking if I might check out early. A person staying in the bunk I was supposed to rent, since wanting to extend their stay, I was asked to stay in a lessor area for a while. Then Mark, upstairs where He seemed to run the show said, “No, it is the person who asked for the extension who should stay in the lessor area. “The Hawaiian Style”.

- Robert Fleckenstein


I didn’t know Mark Foo, only his name and of the legacy he left behind. I live in Cali, just a stone’s throw away from where Mark lost his life at Maverick’s. His name among the local surfer’s there is well-known and well-respected. Mark Foo must have been to the North Shore what Jay Moriarity was to the locals at Mavericks and to the surf community down the coast in his home town of Santa Cruz. Two soul surfers, born with an innate callng to ride the waves and to challenge the ocean. Predetermined at birth, it was their destiny. It’s eerie however, that the ocean the two loved and respected so much, became their predator and victor of their untimely demise. Perhaps, that too, was predetermined at birth and their destiny. But if you live your life, no mater how long or short it is, doing what you makes your heart sing, then you’ve lived a good life. Mark Foo is a legend and always will be…… although, somehow, I don’t think that would have mattered much to him. I think it was always about catching the ultimate wave. RIP Mark!

- Anonymous

I Lived With Mark In The “Foo Zoo”

I lived with Mark Foo in “Foo’ Zoo” at Waimea Bay during the winter of 1980/1981 for three months. He picked me up at the airport with his girlfriend around midnight. His house was full of surfers paying for lodging. Guys came from Australia (70 Australian National Champion Andrew Mckinnon, England (The “Pommies” from Cornwall), The Gulf Coast (longtime friend of Mark’s from Pensacola), Florida (Matt Kechele when he was very small and skinny) and the Poling brothers, filming the action), Sweden (a 40 year old skier who was far out), California (some guys from Carlsbad), and yours truly from San Clemente.

Mark first surfed Waimea Bay that year, wiped out badly on a huge board he borrowed from a neighbor, in the Duke contest. Bradshaw got a tube ride, and finished last in his heat! Contests are a joke. Anyways, I met Mark’s family: his sister, his father, and mother, and was impressed with their intelligence. I wasn’t surfing well then because I was out of shape, overweight, but I got a lot of good surf despite myself, and learned a lot of secret spots from Mark.

Mark was a very intense guy. He liked you or hated you. With me it was both. I remember one time I was trying to starve myself to loose weight, and I broke down and ate some Hagen-Dais “Rum Raisin” that was Mark’s; I thought it belonged to this stupid girl named Dolpin that had stolen food from me. Another time he commanded (he should have asked) me to help move some furniture so I ignored him, boy, did he get mad. I remember him giving me the finger and then running away.

Oh, I remember Timmy Carvalho and Bud Llamas lived in the house in back of Mark’s house. Timmy got so stoked one day when he was on the cover of “Surfing” magazine, riding at Sunset. He came running up the stairs with the issue jabbering away. Timmy brought me a six pack of Heineken on my last day in Hawaii. I remember that Timmy respected Mark Foo. I think a lot of people did because Mark was so dedicated to the sport, so intelligent, and so intense. I know I did.

When I left I brought a board I purchased from Mark, a 7’4″ Sunset gun,”Hawaiian Vibration” that I later sold to “Furdog” from San Clemente, a good friend of mine. Actually, I traded it for a watch I still wear. I think a little bit of Mark Foo rubbed off on Furdog because Furdog is the oldest hardcore surfer left in San Clemente that still surfs a shortboard.

I think Mark’s surfing peaked two or three years after that. Surfing is a hard sport to excel in for a lot of people. Mark was not a natural; he earned his success. I still owe him a carton of Rum Raisin ice cream! The next time I’m in Hawaii I think I’ll walk down to Sunset Beach, where Mark loved surfing the most, and throw one to him.

– Sent to us here at Backpackers

- Unknown

Mark Foo Will Live In All Surfers, Past, Present, & Future

Dear, all who reads

The first time I ever heard of Mark Foo was in 1990 when he was on mtv sports. When I saw this footage of Foo, it gave me a lot of insperation because he was so dedicated to a sport that had one time, sorta fell through the cracks of life. At this time, I had already been surfing for a year,but I wasn’t as hardcore as I am today, thanks to Mark.

When learning about Mark’s death, it was like kiling a part of every surfer who has actually watched and followed Foo. I watched how the group of surfers gathered out in a circle in the middle of the mighty ocean to fell Marks’s sprit one more time. But this was not the last time people would think of Foo. They would think of him ever time they caught a killer wave or every time they heard the word “Mavericks.”

“Mark foo will live in all surfers, past, present, & future”

Surfing always,

Kevin Magee

- Kevin Magee

Mark’s Boards Were Iconic

I stayed at the hostile a few times during the nineties so I was always a Foo fan. I thought it was so cool to stay at Mark’s and look up to watch him workout everyday. Recently while browsing our local Oceanside San Diego Craigslist I saw a board that looked like Mark’s. I called & drove over to look at it. Sure enough the Marine selling it had never heard of Mark and was selling the board for $100 so I bought it. I asked him where he got it and he said it just showed in a container on Camp Pedleton with no mention on the manifest. He said that happens when Marines send stolen stuff home. I asked the Ca Surf Museum if they’d wanna display it & they said for sure. I wanted to contact the family before I do that. Or give you guys the opportunity to recover the board for the family collection? I can upload a photo if needed.

- Brad Edwards