Ever been skydiving? Well I had never been until a few days ago. Here at Backpackers Hawaii you can easily experience this for hands down the best deal ever. I decided to take advantage of this and take a trip over to   Skydive Hawaii with a couple of friends. It was super easy to reserve a jump… we just called in and went that day. We arrived and right away watched people landing from the sky. We walked in, signed up and it was actually way faster than I expected. Strapped all of our gear on and walked out to the runway where we boarded the plane.


Skydive Hawaii - Backpackers Hawaii

The plane took us to just over 12,000 feet. I can’t even imagine what 20,000 feet would be like. It was all good and I wasn’t nervous the entire time until I put my foot on the step to jump out. My heart raced as we jumped and we were going so fast, I froze for a few seconds until we stopped accelerating. Seeing the water below you and moving so fast down was a massive rush. In the video you can see I was so pumped I couldn’t stop throwing out the classic Shocka. I definitely recommend Skydive Hawaii to anyone who visits here. My words cant even describe how awesome it was so check out these awesome photos and video!

Skydive Hawaii - Backpackers Hawaii

A big mahalo to the entire Skydive Hawaii crew! Visit their website for more info.