North Shore Shark Adventures

Yesterday a couple friends and I got the opportunity to jump on board with North Shore Shark Adventures and go on a shark cage tour. It was sick! Everybody in the crew was great and really made it an awesome experience. Here is a run down of how it went.


We arrived at the harbor for our 12 o’clock tour, and right on time we saw our boat rounding the corner to pick us up.   No going back now. The boat docked and we met our captain Mack.  He then rounded up all of our slippers in a bucket and we headed out for the open ocean.  I stepped onto the boat and thought “dam this thing is decked out”. It had a full closed canopy with rows of cushioned benches, it even had splashgaurds to keep the ocean spray from entering the sitting area….Pretty flashy.   It really made the ride out to sea comfortable despite the strong winds and choppy seas.



Even before we reached the cage sharks were beginning to appear from the deep blue ocean. Spots of brown surrounded the boat as we drew near our destination.  Apparently because people have been fishing here for so long and dropping bait into the water the sharks have become attracted to the sound of boat engines. In the words of Captain Mack “its like a dinner bell for them.”



After a short while we arrive at the cage, and it was go time.  We geared up with snorkels and masks that they provided and climbed into the cage. AND THERE WERE SHARKS EVERYWHERE!!  Not just a single shark here or there, but literally everywhere you looked. I would say there was at least  30 Galapagos sharks surrounding the cage at any given time, ranging from 6-12 ft in length!!!





Mahalo to Captain Mack and the entire crew of North Shore Shark Adventures for an awesome day!

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