Glider Rides Are AWESOME!

For those of you who dont like reading we made it simple for you and made a video. ENJOY!!

Ever been on a glider ride? It’s essentially a big paper airplane that gets towed up into the sky and then let go at about 800ft in the air. Its a bit more durable than a paper airplane however, and luckily it flies a lot better.  A couple days ago me and my buddy Doug got to go on a ride in one of these bad boys and it was awesome. I repeat… AWESOME!


We met our pilot Don who said he has been flying since 8 years old. He must have been 7 ft tall. Im amazed he fit into the glider, Doug and I were have trouble squeezing in and we are both under 6 ft. I recommend a single ride, two grown men sharing a seat isn’t the most comfortable thing, but it was  still totally worth it.



So we get hooked up to the biplane and off we go! Right away we started getting airborne, these planes are so dam light.  Quickly we ascend and before we knew it we were at 800ft and the biplane lets us off the hook. Say goodbye to the only motor… we were on our own at this point.  However, a glider doesn’t just glide down. By riding the wind currents of the mountains we were able to keep rising to over 2,000 ft! You can just keep going and going as long as your next to the mountains.  SO SICK!



Mahalo to Mr.Bill and the gang for an awesome time!

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