Ever been skydiving? Well I had never been until a few days ago. Here at Backpackers Hawaii you can easily experience this for hands down the best deal ever. I decided to take advantage of this and take a trip over to   Skydive Hawaii with a couple of friends. It was super easy to reserve a jump… we just called in and went that day. We arrived and right away watched people landing from the sky. We walked in, signed up and it was actually way faster than I expected. Strapped all of our gear on and walked out to the runway where we boarded the plane.


Skydive Hawaii - Backpackers Hawaii

The plane took us to just over 12,000 feet. I can’t even imagine what 20,000 feet would be like. It was all good and I wasn’t nervous the entire time until I put my foot on the step to jump out. My heart raced as we jumped and we were going so fast, I froze for a few seconds until we stopped accelerating. Seeing the water below you and moving so fast down was a massive rush. In the video you can see I was so pumped I couldn’t stop throwing out the classic Shocka. I definitely recommend Skydive Hawaii to anyone who visits here. My words cant even describe how awesome it was so check out these awesome photos and video!

Skydive Hawaii - Backpackers Hawaii

A big mahalo to the entire Skydive Hawaii crew! Visit their website for more info.


             The North Shore of Oahu is famous for its winters, which is when the biggest waves occur. However, summer is a different story. Although there are not much waves this time of year, summer is equally amazing here on the North Shore.  It’s a time marked by calm wind, warm water, and sunny blue skies everyday. It opens the door for a whole range of activities that we sometimes forget about during the surf season.  Oh and my favorite part… its empty. Winter can get a little crazy, the surf contests ,the waves, the pros, THE SCENE.  Summer is a peaceful time, everything slows down and it seems a little easier to breathe.

Here are three things to do on the North Shore during the summer:

 1. Snorkeling and Diving

The North Shore has so many beautiful locations to snorkel and scuba dive. During the winter months it is nearly impossible, and would be dangerous, to attempt to enjoy these amazing places due to the large surf. My favorite place is Sharks Cove, which is conveniently right down the street from Backpackers.

2. Hiking

So many trails on Oahu!! Summer is a great time to do some hiking and get your butt in shape for the beach!! Or just go for the amazing views.

3. Skydiving

If you are coming to Hawaii for an adrenaline rush and there aren’t any waves. Well might as well go skydiving! Check out the North Shore from the sky. Best lookout there is.

These are just a few awesome activities you can do here on the North Shore, but there are so much more. Come out and find out for yourself.

 Disclaimer: There is still surf on all other sides of the island! So you can always do that as well.