Mark Foo Memorial

Backpackers is a gathering place for surfers and world travelers who come to enjoy the true essence of what is the North Shore of Oahu.

Mark Foo - 1958-1994

Mark Foo – 1958-1994



Backpackers was originally Waimea surf and bed..It was founded by my late brother  Mark Foo .. He moved to the North Shore to pursue his dream of surfing professionally.  Mark considered the North Shore of Oahu  to be the  “mecca” of surfing.  When he got to the North Shore he rented a house.

Soon friends and freinds of friends visiting were sleeping all over the house.  At that time there were no places for visitors to stay on the North Shore and surfers  would camp on the beaches.  Mark started renting out rooms in his house and even the hallways. Marks place quickly became  known to surfers all over the world as “Foo’s Zoo”, the place to stay on the north shore. Eventually he got the rest of the family involved. Mark passed in 1994 at Mavericks surfing. But his dream has been fullfilled by our family. We have expanded from the original house to five varied properties, each with something different to offer.